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Eco-Community with Spirit

Our Master FAQ of Frequently Asked Questions

The six sub FAQ choices on where to begin exploring our website are:

1.) Click here if you are secular by nature and want to stay only on the science and Evolution 2.0 sections of our website ( sustainable prosperity, the adaptive challenge and transformational adventure of the Job One for Humanity Plan for surviving escalating global warming, the principles of progressive evolution, the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, the Universe Principles of ethical behavior, the Universe Community, Becoming a Planetary Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen etc.)  (There are more than 90 FAQ questions answered in this FAQ.)

2.) Click here if you are spiritual or religious by nature and want to learn about the new Religion 2.0, "the science-grounded meta-religion of  the universe, its evolution and its universal principles." Religion 2.0 will help you to create your own wise personalized spirituality. (There are more than 120 FAQ questions answered in this FAQ. Click here to begin exploring Religion 2.0.)

3.) Click here to learn about the comprehensive Job One For Humanity plan to end global warming on our new Job One website dedicated only to educating about global warming. (The previous link in this section will take you to our sister website Job One for Humanity.)

4.) Click here to learn about Sustainable Prosperity principles and practices.

5.)  Click here to learn about our evolutionary eco-community.

6.) If you are looking for our general organizational and website information, click on one of the links just below:

 Volunteer, Membership, Donations and Partnerships 

Contact Information 

 Locations and Events  

Web Site Help Reports

How can I see all Blog articles (by topic) that Universe Spirit has posted on the website?

How can my organization form an alliance with your organization? 

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