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Eco-Community with Spirit

How to Contact Universe Spirit

How to contact the Universe Spirit Staff for any reason (more information, tech problems, broken links, suggestions for improving our Universe Spirit, organizational alliances etc.):

Via Email: (the best and fastest way)

Send an email to manage@universespirit.org Please put all relevant information needed for us to respond within the email. Also please give the email a subject heading that briefly and clearly describes the matter so that we know where and to whom to forward it to within our organization.

Contact Information

Phone -  (415)-332-2301.

Mailing address:  

Universe Spirit, 

PMB 2167, 

1650 Casino Dr.

Laughlin, Nevada 89029

Universe Spirit is a nonprofit educational organization committed to sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods, healthy personal spirituality and the implementation of the Job One for Humanity Plan that will allow us to survive the global warming emergency. Universe Spirit is a partner organization, and DBA, of Factnet Inc. Factnet is a network of nonprofit educational and environmental organizations like Job One For Humanity and the Universe Institute online since 1993. Factnet is a 501(c)(3) IRS recognized tax-deductible nonprofit organization.